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Our Vision

Our people are the driving force of DSR globally.


To create value for the customer based on respect, sincerity, and consistency.

We will create a better future with customer as proving optimized value to fulfill customer's satisfaction as entrepreneurship.


To create value for the customer based on respect, sincerity, and consistancy.

We shall walk with the customer with an eye towards the future
that will bring value growth for our customers

Management Policy

  • DSR recognizes the customers total needs, not just by supplying the products required, but by a proactive approach to identify and integrate the customers specific needs based on their unique situation and market they operate within.
  • DSR is the sum of it's people, and we empower our personnel to utilize their complete skill set's to improve each and every day. By relying on our in-house expertise, we maintain an enviable consistancy in quality and continuous improvement in an on-going basis.
  • Through rational thinking and actions needed to knowledge society, we maximize our effectiveness as well as excluding unproductive, inefficient factors.

Corporate Culture

  • Customer-centric culture
    Our core focus and top priority is customer satisfaction and the "customer comes first" approach that is embedded in each department, from sales through logistics tat create true value foreach and every customer, no matter what size the order is.
  • A culture of empowerment and acknowledging achievements
    DSR creates a flourishing environment through personal empowerment whereby individual achievments are recognized and rewarded accordingly.
  • Emphasis on a culture of teamwork
    We promote the individual skills and incorporate them into a teamwork environment though active and open communication and a deep understanding of the downstream application and effect. We create a common plant synergy throughout the entire organization.
  • Innovation/New Thinking
    Focused Culture
    We applaud success, without a fear for failure, as we challenge ourselves in innovative thought processes and actions for the betterment of our customers and employees. We endeavor to create forward thinking creation of value for every part of the family that is DSR - Customer, and Family.

Company Capability

  • Creating value by incorporating "the mind of the customer"
    By challenging the infinite possibilities that bring value to the customer, DSR is based on a customer focused, quality,
    and technology centered management structure and practice.
  • Total Solution! – DSR
    DSR is comitted to shipping as promised and on time, 100% of the time.
    We place as much emphasis for our steel, stainless, and synthetic fiber ropes and wire to ship as promised,
    as we do to all other areas of the manufacturing process.
    We practice "Zero Inconvenience Through Better Service"
  • Maintains a complete and comprehensive quality system
    DSR's quality driven methodolgy is based on a comprehensive and thorough quality system that is rigidly adhered to.
    The concept of total quality is deeply embeded within the DNA of DSR.
  • Technology Innovation.
    Innovation is the key for tomorrow, as well as the standard operating procedure today within DSR.
    Each individual product group has a dedicated R&D teams that exclusively focuses on thier repsective product lines.
    DSR is also partnered with outside Government sponsored Research Centers that add to our levels of technology and database.
  • DSR is Global - You can contact DSR anywhere in the world .
    DSR has a global reputation for quality and presence. We are active in 100 countries, spanning 6 continents, and 5 oceans.
    We continue to expand into new markets and opportunities.
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