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Corporate Overview

You can see the story of DSR at a glance.


Since it's founding, DSR has strived to be bold, leading edge,
and to develop and branch out into new directions.
Founded in 1940, headquartered in Mokpo City, South Korea,
DSR started on it's drive into the future by producing tools for the inhabitants living near the sea.
It was then that Nam Yang Corporation was formed in Busan.

In 1963 DSR separated from Nam Yang Corporation and began its journey as one of the top influential companies in Korea,

during Korea's transition from an agriculture based economy into the Industrial powerhouse it is today.
This was DSR’s first step to becoming one of the world’s most prestigious rope manufacturers of Marine and Fishing Nets, Ropes for ships.

With the rapid development of the Korean economy, the world markets were asking more and more of DSR to grow and to expand.
Through the strategic acquisition of Samhwa Wire Rope Industry Ltd. in 1971 (which was renamed Chunkee Steel Wire Rope Industry in 1981),
DSR slowly and methodically built up it's manufacturing skills to become what is now known as one of the largest and most proficient Wire and Wire Rope manufacturers globally.

DSR has achieved this through innovation and dedication to it's markets and it's customers.
From wire ropes for crane's that lift containers safely from the ports to stainless wires for commercial and medical uses to synthetic ropes
for ship moorings and offshore oil and gas platforms.

DSR has always met the goal to meet it's customer’s needs.
DSR Wire Corporation’s IPO in 2003 led to the investment for it's Qingdao factory in China.
In 2011 DSR founded the Yulchon factory to produce OT(Oil-Tempered) Wires, Valve Spring Wires for automotive engines, and large diameter offshore mooring ropes.

The success of DSR Corporation's IPO in 2013 accelerated DSR’s global growth for sustainable development.
We create new value not just by producing ropes, but providing a total rope solution for our customers.
As a pioneer and visionary for almost six decades, DSR has been synonymous with innovation and creativity.

DSR provides not just revolutionary products for customers,
but connects customers with unique value and a dedicated team of professionals to service them into the next century.
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