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The best technology and effort produce the best product.

About DSR CORP Fiber Research Lab

Fiber Research Lab
The lab has an organized system that allows high valued product, new technology development, and competent researchers that allows the product to be outstanding not only domestically but internationally. DSR Fiber Lab was founded in December 2005 and has contributed in developing DSR fiber rope field to be the world’s best. And it also developed special (synthetic) fiber rope using new technology and led in customer solution. It does research on fiber ropes that will lead the industry. Especially using EVI(Early vendor Involvement), we promise to produce the world’s best fiber ropes through research and to be Global Best No. 1
A research lab that suggests
new vision and
purses innovation.
Aim for customer
service R&D
Fiber Research Lab
provides innovative
solution for needs
high value
special products
Fiber Rope
swift innovation
lead in technology
Energy, Marine
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