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DSR Domestic Business

We introduce the domestic status of DSR to cherish the customer value.

DSR CORP Gwangyang Stainless Steel Factory

DSR, World’s best quality

DSR with technology development and experimentation spirit.
Even though Gwangyang factory is the late comers in the field,
in short time it has become one of the leading manufactures in the field.
With its perseverance in technology development and experiment spirit,
we will be the NO.1 manufacture in the field

DSR CORP Gwangyang Stainless Steel Factory #1
· Location :
(57759) 75, Chonamgongdan-gil, Gwangyang-eup, 
Gwangyang-si, Jeollanam-do, Korea
· Contact Number :
TEL : 061-762-8351   |   FAX : 061-762-8354
DSR(주) 광양 스테인리스공장

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    CHQ(cold heading)
  • 스프링용
  • Flat Wire
    Flat Wire
  • General Purpose
    General Purpose
DSR CORP Gwangyang Stainless Steel Factory #2
· Location :
(57759) 55, Chonam2gongdan 2-gil, Gwangyang-eup, Gwangyang-si, Jeollanam-do, Republic of Korea
· Contact Number :
TEL : 061-763-9533~4   |   FAX : 061-763-9535

Inquiry Order Request

  • STS Wire Rope
    STS Wire Rope
  • Spring
    Roping Wire
  • Flat Wire
    Welding Wire
  • STS Wire
    STS Wire


· Go right after passing Gwangyang Tollgate, then turn left and go straight for about 500M. Then there will be two roads ahead.
· Go to the smaller road and drive for 5KM, then Chonam industrial complex will appear. (Please refer to the map)

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