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Profile of R&D

The best technology and effort produce the best product

About DSR family Research Lab

Profile of DSR R&D
In the strong global competition era, the goal of DSR family is to develop the best technology and create customer value. The Research Labs drive DSR family’s growth. DSR will continue to expand in market share in Oil and Gas Industry with its own unique advanced technology by creating new customer value. The Research labs will be one of the world’s best labs realizing DSR’s vision and creating synergy effect. The Research labs will be the core engine for intellectual growth.
"The labs creating new value with passion and innovation"
We promise to be one of the world’s high tech labs creating new value with passion and innovation.
A research lab that suggests
new vision and purses innovation.
- Innovative thinking,
  leading technology development
- new value, new products developed
- Marine and energy sectors
  synthetic rope innovative R&D
The global
industry-leading wire lab
- Best product, best technology
- High-strength high-performance,
  special product developed
- Automotive wire, Offshore ropes
  the leading R&D
Research Lab led by
new technology development
- Development of high quality product
- Best quality, Aim for maximum efficiency
- Focused new materials and special purpose wire
  wire ropes R&D
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