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Privacy Policy

DSR CORP and DSR WIRE CORP value customer’s private information and adhere to the law of Information and Communication Network Utilization
and Information Protection. Trough privacy policy, company will inform how the private information is used, and the measures to protect private information.

If DSR revises the company policy, an announcement will be made through the website or privately.

We collect private information for purposes like product counsel, request for catalog, application for employment and many other services, etc.

Information collected
Company name, Name, Contact number, Cell phone number, Email Address, Date of birth, Social Security number,
Sex, Education, Applying field ,Certification, Military Matters, Family information, Work Experience, Grades, Hobbies, Specialties,
Religion, Foreign Language Test grades, Physical information, marital status, War veteran, Experience oversees and letter of self introduction.
Methods of collection of private information
DSR homepage (Request for Catalogue, Product inquiry, Application for employment).

DSR uses collected information for such purposes.

Sending Catalog, Product Inquiry, Reviewing application for employment and etc
Duration of retention of Private information and period of utilization
- Request Catalogue, Product Inquiry(Deleted within in 10 days of registration)
- Application for employment(Retained for 1 year after registration, uses as a individual pool, Applications are password locked and administered)
Administration of collected information
DSR will destroy private information after it has been utilized. The method and procedures of destroying private information is listed below
Destruction procedure
Information that was registered through request of catalogue, product inquiry and application of employment will be transferred over to
a separate DB after its utilization and will be destroyed after being retained for a period of time according to DRS’s policy. Transferring over to
a separate DB is not for legal purposes but only the DB will be used only for retaining
Method of Destruction
- Any private information that was saved electronically will be destroyed using technical ways that does not allow regeneration of the
  destroyed materials.

DSR does not share private information to third parties; However, there are certain exceptions down below.
- The user agrees to share their information to third parties
- Request for information from governmental agency using correct procedures.

DSR will not share customer information without the customer’s approval and does not trust customer’s information to
a third party company. In the future when trusting customer information to a third party company is necessary, the company will
inform the customer about the contents that are trusted and will ask for approval if needed.
User and legal representative rights and exert methods
If a user or a legal representative wishes to withdraw on the agreement on reading private information or etc they must inform the director
of private information in writing, phone or email, and the director will take care of the matters as quickly as he/she can.
Refusal of automatic collection of private information
- Purpose and usage of Cookies.
   Cookies are not used.

- Method of rejecting cookies.
   Cookies are not used.

In order to protect private information and to deal with such matters regarding private information, DSR has a department for such purposes

Department in charge of private information: Data Processing Department.
Contact number : 051-979-0654
E-mail : smkim@dsrcorp.com

Name of Director of the department: Director Seo Jung Sheik
Contact number : 051-979-0620
E-mail : jsseo@dsrcorp.com

Customer can report matters dealing with private information to the department or to the director.
DSR will provide an answer to Customer’s reports as fast as it can.

Any invasion of privacy or counseling needed should seek government help from below.

Such policies are enforced from 2009/06/08.

1.Commission of mediation of individual disputes (www.1336.or.kr/1336)
2.Commission of protection of information Technology (www.eprivacy.or.kr/02-580-0533~4)
3.Prosecutors office Internet Crime Investigation Center (http://icic.sppo.go.kr/02-3480-3600)
4.Police Department Cyber Terror Response Center (www.ctrc.go.kr/02-392-0330)