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The best technology and effort produce the best product.

About DSR CORP Stainless Steel Research Lab

Stainless Steel Research Lab
DSR STS research lab aims for enhancement in technology and researches various technology development. DSR STS research lab was built in August 2003 with a goal to provide the best STS wire rope and wire for customers. In order to achieve the goal, the high tech equipment, investment and expansion has been done. The lab conducts research with the government and other companies in order to distinguish itself. The lab promises itself that it will strive to be the world’s best using its technology.
STS Research Lab
it self through
new technology
Best quality
and aims
for high efficiency
Aim for customer
service R&D
Creating Customer value
using high efficiency
product development
High Quality
Product Development
Stainless Wire Rope
/ Stainless Wire